April 28, 2021

Alexander Named As New SORT Head

By Newsroom

Superintendent Roger Alexander is the new Head of the Special Operations Response Team, SORT.

His promotion comes after former head Inspector Mark Hernandez was suspended with immediate effect, having been charged last week with misbehavior in public office.

The announcement was made by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith, during Wednesday’s weekly police media briefing. 

Alexander, who is known for his television appearance as a host on TV6’s Beyond The Tape, won’t be stepping away from the show with his new role.

Commissioner Griffith said the platform was an important one, to inform the public about police and criminal activity. 

Hernandez, who was also in line to be appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police, was charged on April 19th, arising out of investigations of Joel Belcon and Andrew Morris- two suspects in the Andrea Bharatt kidnapping and murder case who died hours after being taken into police custody.