May 29, 2021

Citizens Put On Notice: Daytime Curfews Coming For Public Holidays

By Newsroom

With two public holidays scheduled in the coming week, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has revealed that he has given the Attorney General Faris Al Rawi a mandate to adjust the conditions of the State of Emergency to include daytime curfews for those days. 

The announcement was made on Saturday during a Covid-19 press briefing. 

Monday is a designated public holiday as Indian Arrival Day falls on Sunday (May 30), while Thursday (June 3rd) is the Corpus Christi Holiday. 

Dr. Rowley said the move was necessary to avoid liming and mingling, which is counterproductive to the intent of the SoE. 

“In the State of Emergency that exists, it is not a freako in the daytime and curfew in the night. It is a stay at home, and only come out if you are essential or in an emergency,” the PM said. 

He said reports coming to him from law enforcement revealed that there was higher traffic of people in the day time as opposed to pre-curfew. As such, government will likely return to the SoE document to further clarify restrictions on outdoor activity, outside of curfew hours.