March 12, 2021

Hiker’s Body Found

By Newsroom

After six long days of search efforts, the body of missing hiker Q’adir Shah was recovered at sea on Thursday.

The 30 year old disappeared in the waters off Turtle Rock on the North Coast last Friday. 

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard said Shah’s body was spotted just off Blanchisseuse Bay at 5:28pm.

“Notwithstanding the tragic circumstances, the efforts of the family members and friends; members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service; the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service; local fishermen and hunters; and other stakeholders all played a key role in the successful and safe recovery of Mr. Shah,” the TTCG said in a statement offering condolences to the man’s loved ones.

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard further encouraged persons to exercise due care and extreme caution when using the nation’s beaches.