October 6, 2020

“Modernize Labor Laws”, Employers’ Consultative Association Pleads With Government

By Newsroom

The Employers’ Consultative Association has expressed disappointment over what is sees as a lack of consideration for the modernization of T&T’s Labour laws in yesterday’s budget presentation.

“Unfortunately, modernisation of our Labour Legislation seems to have once again been placed on the back burner,” the Association stated.

The Association cautions that the ongoing delay in updating the legislation results in is perpetuating inequalities within the labour market, which affects the cost of doing business.

It expressed hope that the matter will be urgently addressed by the new Minister of Labour.

Among the concern’s with the Minister’s budget presentation, was the $8.209billion budget deficit.

“While we accept that COVID-19 has resulted in some unforeseen and unusual impacts to Government expenditure in 2020, we are concerned that the overall budget deficit has been moving in the wrong direction over the past three (3) budget presentations – going from $4.052 billion in 2018-19, to $5.287 billion in 2019-20 and now to $8.209 billion in the 2020-21 budget presentation,” it said. 

Nevertheless- there were several points presented by Minister Imbert that satisfied the Association.

The Association is pleased with the significant focus on ICT and digital technology, as well as measures to improve the ease of doing business, including the availability of e-payment for government services, custom duties and taxes.