July 24, 2020

$2M In Ganja Trees Destroyed In Las Cuevas

By Newsroom

Marijuana trees valued at $2 million were seized and destroyed by officers of the Northern Division Task Force, Special Branch, Special Investigations Unit, Organized Crime Narcotics and Firearm Bureau, and Area West Task Force, during a marijuana eradication exercise conducted on Thursday 23rd July, 2020.

The exercise was spearheaded by Sgt. La Pierre, Cpl. Forde, Cpl. Superville, and PC John. Simultaneous exercises were conducted, in one instance, and based on information received, the officers proceeded five miles into the forested area, along the Northern Range between Maracas, St Joseph, and Las Cuevas, where they found on two lots of land a marijuana field with 2,000 fully grown marijuana trees, 500 seedlings and two kilograms of cured marijuana with a combined street value of $2 million.

The trees, seedlings, and cured marijuana were seized and destroyed.

In the another instance, house searches were conducted in the Lluengo Village area, and one person was arrested on gang related enquiries.