July 20, 2020

As Bars Revert To 10PM Closing Time, The Minister Of Health Urges Compliance

By Newsroom

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh is urging bar owners and operators to “act responsibly” as they have been allowed to operate for an extended two hour period. 

Speaking at Monday’s COVID-19 virtual media conference, the Health Minister lamented the steady increase in virus cases across the globe, reminding businesses and patrons alike, to be aware of the existing threat of the virus.

Government is urging operators to implement a “last order” system.

The advice was also extended to dining establishments.

“Where you say okay…we would take our last order for food by 9pm, or 9:30- depending on how long you think it takes to prepare food. Same thing for bars, take your last order for drinks at whatever time is relevant for your establishment.”

Deyalisngh said the overarching aim is for restaurants and bars to be free of patrons by the 10pm mark.

As it stands, there are cases of COVID-19 in this country, five of which are active. 

The new Public Health Regualations will be effective until September 30th.