May 19, 2022

Catholic Church To Investigate Abuse In Children’s Homes

By Newsroom

The Roman Catholic Church in Trinidad and Tobago says it will move to investigate allegations of abuse at children’s homes under its management, in response to the recent Judith Jones Report.

It comes as the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has appointed a special team of investigators to look into allegations made in both the Jones report and the Sabga report of 1997.

The church’s investigative team will consist of experts in psychology, childcare, social work, law and human resource management.

Archbishop Jason Gordon thanked the independent team appointed by the Cabinet for their work in producing the report, saying “every child is a gift from God and deserves love and protection from all forms of abuse.”

“These allegations grieve our hearts and we shall do everything we can to bring healing and justice. The Church takes seriously any, and all, allegations of this nature and in this regard, has immediately launched an investigation to now verify the truth of the allegations,” Gordon said.