September 30, 2020

Cops On Hunt For Suspect After $1M In Marijuana Seized In Sangre Grande

By Newsroom

A police probe continues after law enforcement seized more than one million dollars worth of marijuana at a home in Sangre Grande on Tuesday afternoon.

The find was a result of a surveillance operation by detectives of the Eastern Division Special Operations Unit (EDSOU) over the past few weeks.

Officers made observations and secured a search warrant to enter the premises at Mc Shine Street Sangre Grande to search for guns and narcotics. At 12:40 pm on September 29th, EDSOU officers swooped down on the Mc Shine Street, Sangre Grande home of a man who was alleged to be dealing in drugs.

When officers called out, there were noises emanating from the inside but no one responded, the officers proceeded to execute the search warrant. During the search, they found several white crocus bags containing illicit drugs.

When officers opened the bag, they discovered that it contained a quantity of brick solids of compressed cannabis wrapped in blue, black and white transparent plastic. The suspect was unable to be found at the time.

The find, seventy-two bricks of narcotics, with a total weight of 55kg, totalling TT$1,017,500.00 was confiscated and investigations are ongoing.