July 20, 2021

Communications Minister Insists Exclusive Access Policy For State-Owned TTT Was A “Lighthearted” Joke

By Newsroom

Communications Minister Symon de Nobriga has responded to a news report in which it was revealed journalists at state owned media house, TTT limited, have been receiving exclusive access on state assignments.

In a report by News At 7’s Kejan Haynes which aired on Monday, it was stated that Minister de Nobriga said this was being done to give TTT an advantage against its competitors.

Particular reference was made to the repatriation exercise for 700 Venezuelans which took place over the weekend, in which TTT journalists and cameramen were allowed access inside the Cruise Ship Complex, while private media personnel were told to wait outside. 

But responding via a statement today, Minister De Nobriga said the comment was made off the record and in jest, claiming TTT had been given exclusive access to areas, with a mandate to share footage with other media houses.

“Given the large numbers and in keeping with the health protocols it was determined that only TTT and the Information Division would have access; however the Director of Government Communications had been instructed to ensure that all footage of the event be made available to all media houses once they requested same,” the Minister said.

“It is unfortunate that Kejan Haynes took seriously a statement made by me lightheartedly and supposedly off the record at the repatriation exercise on Saturday,” he added.