February 24, 2021

Duke Upset Over WASA Shake-up, Vows To Take Action

By Newsroom

Public Service Association President Watson Duke has responded to drastic changes in WASA’s managerial structure, calling the move “haphazard”.

Dr. Lennox Sealey was appointed as the Executive Director and CEO of the Water and Sewerage Authority, in a move that is intended to remedy management concerns at the state agency.

But at a press briefing one day after the announcement was made, Mr. Duke has dismissed the notion that previous management had been inefficient.

“WASA has been stable for the last 11 years since I have been President… no shutting down, no antagonism. When the workers speak it is only for a just cause. It (WASA) has all been managed carefully.”

On Tuesday, Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales said the report conducted into the affairs of the Water and Sewerage Authority has revealed a decades-long trend of those in managerial positions choosing to honor political priorities instead of efficiency.

But the PSA President replied that government failed to support the company in the execution of their duties.

“We have found the management at WASA to be efficient. They have just not been supported by the politicians,” he said.

Duke warned that the situation could become a repeat of what happened at Petrotrin, despite government’s assurance that no decision had been taken to retrench any of WASA’s 5,000 employees. 

The full findings of the report into WASA is due to go to the Parliament next week.