September 27, 2020

Gary: “Video Footage Wasn’t One Of My Officers”

By Newsroom

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has distanced the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service from video footage captured during last week’s $22million raid, saying the person seen stuffing cash in his tactical gear was a soldier and not a police officer.

The video, released by the Trinidad Express, shows security footage from the home in La Horquetta, where last Tuesday’s raid was conducted.

Nevertheless, Griffith said the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service will investigate the matter, to ascertain what was in the envelope being stuffed in the individual’s clothing.

An investigation is also ongoing to determine why the $22million which was seized, was returned less than 24 hours later without the knowledge of the Commissioner.

See the Commissioner’s full statement on the matter below:

As long as I sit in this chair a badge or a uniform won’t protect you from wrongdoing
In the usual haste by a certain reporter to attempt to discredit the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service(this being her 42nd consecutive negative article on TTPS), and in total contrast to what is being stated, the individual in the video and photograph being circulated is NOT an officer of the TTPS.
He is NOT a member of SORT. He is NOT a Special Reserve Police Officer (SRP). He is in fact a serving member of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force who was part of the operation, which is usually done in similar fashion to the IATF operations. The uniform worn as seen in the photograph and video is also NOT SORT, but TTDF. As with all allegations, the TTPS will investigate to ascertain what was in the envelope by the TTDF soldier, as it has not been verified as yet what was in the envelope. What is noted in this unfortunate incident, is yet again the thirst by some to label TTPS in a negative light without getting the facts.