April 28, 2021

Health Ministry Reserves Remaining Covid-19 Vaccines For Second Doses

By Newsroom

The remaining Covid-19 vaccines in stock will be reserved as second doses for the 42,082 people who have already been administered their first shot.

This was revealed by Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh today.

In a subsequent statement, the Ministry said healthcare workers, people with  non-communicable diseases and those who are 60 years and older may contact the various COVID-19 Vaccination Facilities, via the call-in or WhatsApp numbers, to be included in the list of eligible persons who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine when new stock is available. 

The vaccination target was 37,800 or 50% of the 75,600 doses of the WHO approved vaccines that were received to date (2,000 doses donated by the Government of Barbados, 33,600 doses received via the COVAX Facility and 40,000 doses donated by the Government of India.)

As previously reported, vials of COVID-19 vaccines have been found to contain more than the stipulated number of doses, which allowed for the administration of the vaccine to additional people. Therefore, although the target was exceeded, the Ministry is still able to ensure that enough vaccines are held for the second dose.