December 9, 2021

Instagram Reels Are Here! T&T, Caribbean Users Can Now Create Reels

By Newsroom

Caribbean users are now able to create more engaging content and capitalize on the app’s algorithm, as the popular Reels feature has expanded to include the region. 

Reels, first introduced by Instagram in August last year, had initially been launched in 50 countries and rivaled popular app Tik-Tok, by allowing users to share short and engaging content with the potential for wider reach. 

Trinidad born Maxine Williams, who serves as the Chief Diversity Officer at Meta- the company which owns Instagram- made the announcement via her account on Wednesday, in a reel which featured soca king Machel Montano.

“YES!!! Reels and Music are here for you in the Caribbean starting today! People can now use IG Reels and add music on Facebook and Instagram Stories. We can now share the music that matters to us, discover artists and connect with others,” she shared.

Click here to view the video reel

Okay- how do we get started?

To create a reel, go into your Instagram stories camera and choose Reels, next to Story and Live. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to use a variety of editing tools like Audio, Effects, Align, and Speed to create seamless clips.

You can choose to share your reels via direct message, on your story, or to a dedicated space on the Explore page. Since your Instagram Reels might appear on the Explore page, just like TikTok videos on the For You page, people who don’t even follow you will be able to view your reels.

This means that whether you have a large-sized audience or not, your clips can be discovered by the wider community – purely based on engagement. If you ask us, this is a golden opportunity to grow your audience and get more followers.