March 16, 2021

Intelligence Reveals Gang Members Have Master’s Degrees, Young Says

By Newsroom

Gang structures in this country include holders of Masters Degrees in Business Administration and International Relations.

The revelation was made by National Security Minister Stuart Young during his contribution to debate on the Anti-Gang Bill in the Senate on Tuesday afternoon.

“Anyone who believes that criminal gangs that are operating are not sophisticated and they don’t have very specific, very educated persons in their structures are completely wrong ” Young said.

“We have found, through intelligence, that there are persons with Masters in Business Administration..Masters in International Relations, etc, who are part of these sophisticated gang set-ups. Because the leaders need the advice- they have their legal advisors, they have their financial advisors,” he added.

The National Security Minister said there must be a sophisticated approach to dismantling gang activity, in order for it to be effective.

“How do you tackle and dismantle these gangs? You need specific legislation,” he said.  

Government is seeking to have the Anti-Gang Bill passed after it expired last November, due to a sunset clause when the Bill was passed in 2018.