September 11, 2020

Jack Warner Provides Health Update From Hospital, Says He “Doesn’t Wish COVID-19 On His Worst Enemy”

By Newsroom

Retired politician, Jack Warner is still at the Couva Hospital being treated for COVID-19.

In a personal statement issued today, 77 year old Warner thanked citizens for the outpouring of support and well wishes, saying he was doing much better thanks to the efforts of medical staff.

See his full statement below:

I must take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the people of Trinidad and Tobago who took the time to text and even call to find out about my condition, having been affected by COVID-19.

The outpouring of love and concern by people from all walks of life really caught me by surprise and for that I wish to say a special thanks for the caring of which I am still the recipient.

Regardless what people wish to say about us, we are still a loving people, a people with a deep sense of affinity for each other and it dawned upon me that in spite of the many who attempt to divide us, caring for each other is imbedded deep within our psyche and for that I will always be perpetually grateful.

Our people are very forgiving and very kind and living in a country where people are so concerned about you and are eager and willing to give a helping hand is surely a gift and that can only come from God.

Many times, in the quietude of the night, I lay on my bed thinking about my family and friends; this unfortunate circumstance called COVID-19 which has deprived them from visiting my bedside and then I read the messages, the texts of consolation, listen to the voice notes that were sent to me and I am humbled, tears come to my eyes because I realize that I am not alone.

In gratitude I pray and thank God for all of you beautiful human beings with enormous hearts full of compassion.

One friend text me to say “any energy you needlessly expend is directing that energy away from your healing” so I spend my days praying, seeking God’s forgiveness to those I may have wronged and living with the hope that very soon this COVID 19 will pass not only for me but for the many who continue to suffer locally and abroad.

At this moment, I am still at the Couva Hospital and I am doing much better; the medical staff is doing the best they can and that is all for which I can ask.

My advice to all of you is to be safe and do not put yourself in harm’s way because this is not the journey I would wish upon my worst enemy.

I simply want to say thanks again to all of you who continue to pray for me and continue to wish me well.

Had it not been for your prayers, only God knows what my fate would have been but we have always been a praying nation and for that I am grateful and for that I wish to say thank you to one and to all.