September 22, 2020

Jamaica Extends Island-Wide Curfew To Help Fight Spread Of COVID-19

By Newsroom

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness has taken a decision to extend to country’s curfew between the hours of 8pm until 5am, until October 7th.

At a press briefing on Tuesday afternoon, Prime Minister Holness used moral suasion to get Jamaicans to adhere to the COVID-19 prevention measures, saying his government would respect the country’s “liberal democracy” while seeking compliance with the existing regulations.

Other COVID-19 guidelines will also remain in place.

The quarantine measures will for people coming into Jamaica still applies, Holness said, urging those coming into the island to respect the protocols.

Other measures include a limit of 15 people in public gatherings until October 6th, and a limit on vehicles to reduce its passenger limit by one less than the legal amount. 

Businesses are also encouraged to use remote working arrangements wherever possible.

Jamaica currently has 5,270 COVID-19 cases and 75 deaths from the virus.