August 24, 2021

Kamla: Opposition Will Go To Debate On SoE Extension “With An Open Mind”

By Newsroom

While the Opposition has its questions about the reasoning behind government’s quest to further extend the State of Emergency until November, Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar says that they will go the Parliament with “an open mind” on Wednesday and will decide on their stance based on the information presented during the debate.

Persad-Bissessar made the comment while speaking at Monday night’s UNC Virtual Report meeting. 

Last week, upon news that government was seeking to extend the deadline, Persad Bissessar questioned the data to support the move.

“Keith Rowley’s move to extend the State of Emergency for a further three months reveals his bankruptcy of  ideas in dealing with the pandemic. The Government keeps insisting they are “following the science”, yet Rowley’s misguided  policies appear to be driven by his desire to be a dictator rather than scientific data,” the Opposition Leader said in a statement last Friday.

Meanwhile, in a flyer shared online, the Opposition United National Congress has called on people to honk their horns as they pass by the Red House where the debate is set to begin at 1:30pm.