June 23, 2021

Kamla: “PM Lied, I Never Had Covid”

By Newsroom

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has responded to Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley’s claim that she contracted Covid-19, calling it a blatant lie.

Persad-Bissessar, who was absent from the House of Representatives where the claim was made this morning, described the comment as another display of the Prime Minister’s infatuation with her.

“What’s next? Will Rowley start writing creepy emails about me? Oops, been there, done that,” the Opposition Leader said in a statement on Wednesday afternoon.

“I am so sorry to disappoint my devoted admirers in PNM, but I don’t have Covid and I never did. Over the last six years, Keith Rowley has had no Patrick Manning to hide behind and thus the country now sees him for the impotent man he is,” she said. 


What did the Prime Minister say In the Parliament?

As he was responding to a question from Caroni Central Member of Parliament Dr Rishad Seecheran on Wednesday morning, about whether he had been vaccinated out of the 400 Pfizer doses which were donated by the United States government, Dr. Rowley dismissed the question as mischief, challenging the MP to direct his Covid questions to the Opposition Leader.

“Unlike the other leader in this House, I told the country when I was diagnosed as a positive patient with Covid-19, I told the country when I was in isolation. I told the country when I can be vaccinated. The Minister of Health told the country the date I can be vaccinated. So, to come here today and ask me if I took vaccine from the 400- you are just a mischief maker,” the PM said.  

“Go and find out from the leader when she took it, and when she got Covid,” the PM challenged.


Kamla: “It’s a deflection”

As she denied the PM’s claim that she contracted Covid-19, the Opposition Leader described the move as an attempt to distract from the question posed to him.

“Keith Rowley today again lied to the country under Parliamentary privilege when asked the serious question of whether or not he was vaccinated from the supply of Pfizer vaccines that entered the country secretly. He again refused to answer the simple question of whether he took the secret Pfizer vaccine,” she said.

She added “Almost 800 people have died from Covid 19: Rowley must stop dreaming about Kamla and do his job!”