May 11, 2021

Kamla Tells Government: “Let’s Put Aside Petty Politics And Unite On Covid Response”

By Newsroom

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar has once more extended an offer to government to collaborate on a Covid-19 response plan, saying now was the time to put aside “petty politics” and act in the best interest of the country.

The UNC leader made the call while speaking at her party’s virtual report meeting on Monday night, claiming the Dr. Rowley led administration appeared not to be interested in the Opposition’s input.

“…In the face of all of this, all of these blunders that continue to cost citizens their lives, the Government refuses to engage anyone else for help,” Persad Bissessar told followers.

“Government, Opposition, NGO’s and the private sector all working together. However, this PNM Government treats everyone who is not PNM as an outsider. They shun any ideas that do not come from within the PNM,” she added. 

The Opposition Leader also raised suspicion over government’s reporting on the pandemic, stemming from an error in reporting of testing numbers- which was immediately corrected in a statement on Monday evening.

“Because reports are coming in, there are more persons positive, there are more persons dying, but we are not given the true numbers. So come clean with us, you say it’s bad enough, but don’t hide, don’t cover up , bring the real numbers. Let us know the true state of the situation in our country. Today I think it is clear to everyone that not only are we being given incorrect numbers whether deliberately or by inadvertence, it is also clear the government totally mishandled the Covid crisis,” she said.