January 29, 2021

More Tributes Pour In For Veteran Calypsonian Singing Sandra

By Newsroom

Tributes continue to pour in for the late Singing Sandra, whose death came as a shock to many yesterday morning.

In a statement today, the National Action Cultural Committee says the veteran calypsonian, born Sandra Des Vignes, will long be remembered not only for her commitment to the art form, but even more so for the sterling support and guidance she has given to the younger, particularly female, artistes in the calypso fraternity.

Meanwhile another group, the National Women’s Action Committee said it intends to dedicate the month of February to the late calypsonian. 

“Singing Sandra has left a great legacy in the Calypso world as one of the most powerful female calypsonians to date. Her style of Calypso was able to highlight the issues, concerns and hardships of women to the nation and the world at large. Through her music, she echoed the voice of the mothers, the abused, the poor and the downtrodden, resonating their experiences and their stories with all who heard her music,” NWAC said. 

It noted that the calypsonian’s popular nickname ‘Mother’ was testament to the impact she had on those in the cultural fraternity. 

“Singing Sandra was always ready to assist, counsel and nurture young people, whether in the art form or the community. NWAC is honoured to hold this year’s Queen competition in her memory.”