October 21, 2021

Motion Defeated: Opposition Fails In Quest To Have Tribunal Set Up For President To Be Removed From Office

By Newsroom

The Electoral College- which comprised Senators and MPs-  has voted on an Opposition Motion to have President Paula-Mae Weekes removed from office, with 24 members voting in support of the Motion and. 47 voting against.

There were no abstentions.

The Motion has essentially failed, as it required a two-thirds majority to be adopted.

The proceedings were filled with disruption from the Opposite bench, which took issue with the Guidelines for the sitting which stated there would be no debate prior to a vote on the motion.

“Madame, the people voted for us, who voted for you?” one Opposition MP could be heard saying at one point as House Speaker Brigid Annisette-George attempted to restore order.

“Nothing short of disgraceful and reprehensible” is how Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley described the behaviour of the Opposition during today’s sitting.

Dr. Rowley said the behaviour by those on the Opposition bench was proof that they had no understanding of the Constitution, which details why a debate on such a Motion does not take place at this stage.