January 26, 2021

NCC To Host Virtual Dimanche Gras Show

By Newsroom

The National Carnival Commission, NCC, has announced that it will host a virtual Dimance Gras show, after all.

The pre-recorded event will be published on the Commission’s digital platform, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival World, which is set to go live on February 12th.

The news comes after the organization faces significant criticism for what many leading industry players described as a complacent approach to Carnival 2021, after NCC Chairman Gypsy Peters’ earlier announcement that the NCC would not be hosting any virtual shows. 

In a statement on Tuesday, however, Peters responded to the criticism, saying: “In bringing something of value to the people, we always knew that we have to be responsible in whatever we produce. We knew that it could not be a one-off virtual event that encouraged large groups of people to congregate but something rather that could be enjoyed on a smaller scale, well within existing protocols.”

“It also had to be something upon which we could build, showcase, and be proud of,” he added.

The theme for this year’s show is “T&T Carnival Beyond Virtual” and will incorporate archival content of past Dimanche Gras shows.

It will be produced by renowned playwright and artistic director, Mr. Davlin Thomas.

“This year’s show will present historical Trinidad and Tobago, from the 1880s to present as a magical real space where the past and the present converge to facilitate three distinct tiers of content – archival (past), contemporary content (present), and a signal event that employs both past and present elements, as performed by some of today’s up-and-coming artistes,” Mr. Thomas said, adding:  “It presents an opportunity to reminisce and reflect.”

In its debut, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival World will also feature engaging and interactive content including Steel Pan Exhibitions, Kings and Queens, and Calypso Monarchs through the years. It will also feature scintillating subjects including women in carnival and the evolution of key historical carnival characters and events.

The virtual platform will be free to the public and will include 100% local conten.