December 15, 2021

NCRHA denies lack of staff and PPE at Mt. Hope Hospital

By Shirvan Williams

The NCRHA has refuted a report in a daily newspaper that the Mt. Hope Hospital is lacking staff and is without PPE for staff handling Covid-19 patients. The association said that it is taken the anonymous report seriously.

According to the NCRHA because of an increased intake in Emergency Departments, nationally along with a surge in the number of positive COVID-19 cases, they have “systematically implemented necessary measures to expand and boost its capacity in order to be better positioned and prepared to deliver the best possible patient care.”

The NCRHA added that there has been a “rising tide” of very ill patients infected with the
COVID-19 virus who are now being cared for by a finite human resource at the Emergency

They noted that staff who are currently battling this latest surge of very ill patients have been doing so for the last two years without any real breaks.

“In order to avoid burnout, the NCRHA tries to rotate staff, especially in high traffic areas. Rotation also provides opportunities for other qualified members of staff to gain experience and expand their respective skillsets,” the press release further noted.