October 17, 2021

PAULA SPEAKS: “There Was No Improper Interference In PSC, Top Cop Fiasco”

By Newsroom

Breaking her silence on the entire controversy surrounding the Police Service Commission and the selection of a Police Commissioner, President Paula-Mae Weekes maintains she has in no way acted unconstitutionally in the process. 

Clearing the air on Sunday, Her Excellency released a detailed statement in which she said there had been no collusion to influence the Top Cop merit list. 

“I assure the nation that neither the Office of the President nor I participated in, allowed or encouraged any attempted or actual improper interference, influence or breach of the principle of separation of powers in the operation of the PSC in the matter of the Commissioner of police,” President Weekes said.

“I did not receive instructions or suggestions from any individual, nor did I give any to the PSC. I certainly did not willfully violate any provision of the Constitution nor have I behaved in a way that could lead one reasonably to conclude that I have brought the Office of the President into hatred, ridicule or contempt or endangered the security of the State,” she added. 

The President’s comments come in wake of the Opposition filing a motion to have her removed from office, alleging Her Excellency held a secret meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley in which she was influenced about the merit list for the Top Cop selection process. 

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has also denied such a meeting took place.

Responding to the Opposition’s motion, Dr. Rowley said it was clear the Opposition leader had no understanding of how the Constitution works. 

“By bringing the President’s name into the Parliament so that she, her imps, pimps and chimps can scandalize the President in the worst way.”

He added: “No such meeting took place. (Referring to the allegation that both parties met to discuss the Top Cop list). And I’ll go further. I have never involved myself in any selection by the PSC, I have seen no list, whether it is substantive post or acting post. All of that business would have been between the PSC and the President and of course as Parliament we did intervene later on indicating to you that it came to our attention that an error has been made,”  he said.

Read President Weekes’ full statement below: