July 27, 2020

PM Announces Four New COVID-19 Cases

By Newsroom

There appears to be four new cases of COVID-19 in the country.

This was revealed by Prime Minister and political leader of the People’s National Movement, Dr. Keith Rowley, as he addressed supporters at a political meeting in San Fernando on Monday night.

Dr. Rowley used the new cases- one of which he said is pending epidemiological investigation- as proof that the threat of the virus is very much alive.

“When I left Port-of-Spain this morning on my way to Moruga, we were still dealing with the news of a couple additions to our list of confirmations to COVID. By the time I get home tonight, there are four more – three which came in with traffic and one we haven’t identified the location. Ladies and gentlemen we are still in danger,” he announced.

The new cases were not included in the Ministry of Health’s 6pm update on Monday- which listed the number of confirmed cases at 148.