May 7, 2021

PM Disappointed In Disregard For Covid Rules, Enforces Stricter Lockdown Measures

By Newsroom

Speaking at a press briefing on Friday afternoon, Dr. Rowley expressed disappointment in the way the recently announced measures were being approached- saying there was still a level of nonchalance in the general public as it relates to adherence. 

“For God’s sake, there’s only one way to tell you that this is so…So many people want a way out that to get anything done you have to write everything as descriptively as possible,” the PM pleaded. 

He reminded that the pandemic response was not simply theory or statistics, but measures to help save lives. 

“I woke up this morning holding back my own tears where father and son, in the same household, within hours would have passed. These are not numbers- these are people in families who are bearing that- the fact that nobody has died in your family is not an excuse to play the fool,” he said.

These are the new restrictions which will come into effect from tomorrow, May 8th until May 23rd:


-Work from home must be enforced where  possible.

-All construction services are shutdown.

-Public transport down from 75% capacity to 50%

-Public gatherings limited to five people

-All essential services including water, electricity, Telecommunications, Judiciary, legal services, Parliament, THA, primary emergency ambulance services, emergency call centers, TTPS & TTDF, Fire Service, Immigration will remain operational, with only essential staff to report for duty.

-Restaurants warned that providing home delivery is banned.

-Only emergency repairs at car garages to be facilitated.

-Janitorial and maintenance services for public and private facilities allowed.

-Health services- only allowing urgent provision of dental, ophthalmologist , physical and occupational therapy

-Retail membership stores can continue operations.

-Stores must facilitate 50% capacity.

Government will publish the detailed amendments tomorrow, according to Minister in the Office fo the Prime Minister, Stuart Young.