December 13, 2021

PM: Exxon Mobil’s Switch From T&T To Guyana Came As No Surprise

By Newsroom

With Exxon Mobil set to move its supply chain services from Trinidad and Tobago to Guyana in 2022, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley says the move is not surprising for anyone who has been paying attention to regional trends.

Dr. Rowley was responding to a question from the Opposition in the House of Representatives in Monday.

“This move by Exxon Mobil was to be expected, as the source of their exploration and production of oil and possibly gas is in Guyana. Madame Speaker, currently the production levels there are over 100,000 barrels a day and the projections for the medium term is over one million barrels a day. So that is not surprising,” Dr. Rowley told the Lower House.

Asked how the development would impact employment, Dr. Rowley said Trinidad and Tobago service providers have been working and operating in Guyana in joint ventures.

“Trinidad and Tobago service providers have been working an operating in Guyana in joint ventures and they will continue to do so. Our service providers will continue to provide services in the hydrocarbon industry and the government will continue to do its part to promote its services in Guyana and elsewhere,” he added.

Asked what was the revenue loss from Exxon Mobil withdrawing, the PM said: ”That is not a matter that is in front of this time because I do not know the specific numbers. But I prefer to wait and see…”

“The loss of revenue is not the issue because we do not have any control with what Exxon Mobil does with its business in terms of treating with its operations in a foreign country,” he said.