April 21, 2021

PM: “Don’t Blame Tobago For Spike In Covid Cases”

By Newsroom

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley on Wednesday afternoon rejected what he described as a misrepresentation of the facts as it relates to the source of the current spike in Covid-19 cases. 

Dr. Rowley rejected the narrative that the increase in cases was due to activity in Tobago.

“It is not where you spend your time it is what you do there. For those who see political opportunities in these trying circumstances, I want to remind them that even before Easter the areas of spiking community spread were in County Caroni and County Victoria. Subsequently the third most affected zone was St George East,” the PM said.

He added: “It is in this regard that I reject any attempt to misrepresent the facts and the placing of blame on Tobago for hosting a few thousands who chose to spend their time in that part of the country with family and friends or just strangers enjoying the ambience that exists there.”

“To set about to separate the people of Tobago or their tourism economy for special hatred is misleading and just plain wrong. Against the data set it is unnecessary and purely divisive for politicians with nothing useful to contribute to be trying to establish that our current circumstances are as a result of a successful Easter weekend in Tobago.”

He urged citizens to comply with the new Public Health measures, which come into effect at midnight and will remain in place until May 16th.

The measures, announced at Wednesday morning’s Covid-19 briefing by Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh, include a ban on public gatherings for entertainment and concerts,

a reversion of public servants reporting to duty at 50% on a rotational basis, a limit of 10 persons for funerals and weddings and places of worship must now congregate at  25%, from the initial 50%.