August 26, 2020

Police Commissioner Begins Disciplinary Process For ACP Irwin Hackshaw

By Newsroom

Official Statement from the TTPS:

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, has served a warning notice to ACP Irwin Hackshaw. This is the first step in the disciplinary process as outlined in the Police Service Regulations given the allegations made against him.

But the CoP will encounter complicated issues as ACP Hackshaw is the most senior police officer and there are no substantive Deputy Commissioners to sit on a tribunal in judgment of Hackshaw.

The CoP is doing all and will continue to do all in his power to have this matter dealt with. However, the TTPS anticipates that the complicated issues involving this matter will arise when an attempt is made to appoint a tribunal.

The CoP added, “The issue at hand here is in many ways beyond my control as this precise scenario was never anticipated in the regulations. I will however, move the process along as far as I can with the expectation that a resolution will be found.”

It is the Commissioner’s hope that by the time the matter may require the convening of a tribunal that the substantive DCPs would have been selected.

Notwithstanding the fact that this is an internal disciplinary matter, the TTPS has chosen to communicate this update to the public in the interest of transparency even though it is not the practice to ventilate internal disciplinary matters in public.