July 8, 2021

RESIGNATION: Sealy Bows Out As WASA Executive Director

By Newsroom

Less than five months after he was appointed to lead a transformation exercise at the Water and Sewerage Authority, Dr. Lennox Sealy has resigned as WASA’s Executive Director, effective immediately.

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales confirmed Sealy’s resignation via a statement this morning, saying “government felt that the transformation was not proceeding at a sufficiently rapid pace.” 

Dr. Sealy was appointed on February 23rd, with a contract which was supposed to last three years.

Shortly after his appointment, Dr. Sealy launched the WASA 2024 initiative, revealing in a television interview on state media TTT Limited, that he intended to do the foundational work for the first three years, to hand on the transformation to someone else.

“In three years, I’m not going to complete the transformation, it won’t be me, my contract is three years but there’s a train that’s off the track and I’m neither a magician nor a fool; I am simply going to put the train back on the track and hand it over to someone else. My job is to implement certain key things and hand it over,” he said. 

With his sudden resignation, Deputy Chairman Ravindra Nanga will now take over as Chairman, with an interim executive management team to be announced in the near future. 

The Public Utilities Ministry further stated: “Minister Gonzales further notes that water is a vital resource and a universal human right and a proper functioning Water Authority remains a key and burning priority for the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Therefore, the WASA transformation remains on the front burner and will soon say more about government’s plans for the sector in the very near future.”

Back in March, Minister Gonzales laid a report of a Cabinet sub-committee in the Parliament, which was set up in August of 2020.

He revealed, at the time,  that “rampant corruption” has led to the “dysfunctional” management at WASA.