January 30, 2021

Tik Tok Users Warned As Hackers Expose Nude Images From #SilhouetteChallenge

By Newsroom

The latest Tik Tok challenge, which sees users transitioning from an everyday look to a silhouette of themselves in a more appealing and risky pose has found a handful of mischievous hackers working overtime to remove the built-in filter from the app, exposing some users’ raw and nude images. 

The challenge, which is supported by the soundtrack of Paul Anka’s 1959 hit song ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulders’ and transition’s to Doja Cat’s ‘Streets’, quickly peaked in popularity this week, already amassing over 90 million views. 

The upset came, however, when women who participated in the challenge were made aware that the unfiltered version of their video was hacked and posted online- many of which are completely nude images. 

Many took to Twitter to speak against what some described as “men being men” when referring to the hackers’ violation. 

“Can women not enjoy themselves, like, just for once? I hate it here,” one user shared. 

Some others, however, had less sympathy.

“I mean, I get that there are women that have zero desire to have their videos uncensored and have their naked bodies exposed. But, it’s 2021. The only way to avoid the potential of having your naked bodies exposed is to stop getting in front of cameras with your naked body exposed and sharing it with people, especially on social media,” another wrote.