July 4, 2021

TTMA Administers 5,000 Covid-19 Vaccines In One Day

By Newsroom

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA) has reached another milestone with the commencement of vaccination sites for second dose Sinopharm vaccines for the business community.

President of the TTMA, Ms. Tricia Coosal stated, “TTMA is pleased to have contributed to 5,000 fully vaccinated persons in the business sector. The public-private partnership between TTMA, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Trade & Industry has worked well for mass vaccination to ensure safe working environments in the business community.”

Ms. Coosal highlighted, “TTMA appreciates the confidence by the GoRTT to allow the continuation of our vaccination drives. On Sunday, the TTMA’s vaccination site was the largest single execution as 5172 2nd dose Sinopharm vaccinations administered with approximately 40 Doctors’ stations operating simultaneously.”

Ms. Coosal praised the work of the TT Medical Association under Dr Vishi Beharry and TT SEWA International under Revan Teelucksingh. Their support and guidance have been insurmountable, this combined with the kind donation by the NCIC for the use of the Divali Nagar Site. These synergies served as the perfect combination to achieve the record for the largest local single vaccination site execution to-date.     

Ms. Coosal further indicated, “TTMA has prioritized resources to ensure 10,000 persons of the business community who received first dose vaccinations with the TTMA to be fully vaccinated, as such within the next 2 weeks, TTMA will execute another second dose mass vaccination site for yet another 5,000 recipients to be fully vaccinated.  The aim is to have 10,000 fully vaccinated persons of the business community to prepare for the safe re-opening of the business sector.”

Ms. Coosal reflected on the commitment and aptitude of all volunteers at all TTMA vaccination drives thus far.

“I am humbled by the thousands of volunteers who selflessly continue to give of their time and expertise to the TTMA. The T&T Medical Association and SEWA TT International have been true allies throughout these mass vaccination drives.  We are in this together to ensure the business community has a safe working environment now and in the future.”