November 6, 2020

Two Charged With Businessman’s Murder

By Newsroom

A man and woman will appear before a Princes Town Magistrate today, charged with the murder of businessman Christopher Hosein, which occurred on October 28th.

Dwayne Baldeo and Renee Mohammed were charged with the crime late last night.

On the date Hosein was murdered, a report was made to police that a motor vehicle was on fire in the vicinity of Cedar Hill Road, Princes Town. A witness reported that he observed what appeared to be a body ablaze outside of the burning vehicle.

Upon their arrival at the scene, around 7.10am, the police observed a motor vehicle burnt and what appeared to be a body ablaze outside of the said vehicle.

The Police doused the body with a bucket of water, causing the flames to subside. 

Officers from the Mon Repos Fire Station responded and extinguished the blaze and subsequently  recovered a number plate attached to the front of the burnt vehicle.

The burnt motor vehicle had the words “Sorento” and “CRDI” written to the rear, and the word “Kia” written on the right front rim, however, the said vehicle was completely burnt. The District Medical Officer visited the scene, viewed the body, pronounced same dead and ordered it be removed to the Forensic Science Centre for a post-mortem examination.

Baldeo and Mohammed were arrested later the same day during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the Princes Town area.