November 4, 2020

Unofficial Results Show Biden Victorious In Wisconsin, Michigan

By Newsroom

While it’s far too early to say who will emerge victorious as millions of ballots across the United States are still being counted, numbers on Wednesday appear to show there’s a high chance Joe Biden will defeat President Donald Trump.

Preliminary numbers show that Biden has won two key battleground states- Wisconsin and Michigan.

While not declaring victory as the remaining votes are counted, Joe Biden in an address to the American people on Wednesday afternoon said he is confident he will clinch the presidency.

He insists however that “every vote must be counted”, even as Republicans mount legal challenges in some key states.

“No one is going to take our democracy away from us, not now, not ever” Biden said.

According to a CNN poll, Joe Biden is primed to win 253 of the electoral college, compared to Trump’s 213. (Polled at 6pm local time)

A US Presidential candidate is considered victorious after acquiring a minimum of 270 electoral college wins.

Other key states that remain largely undecided are Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

In addition to requesting a recount of votes in Wisconsin after preliminary results tipped in favor of Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s campaign has now filed a lawsuit seeking to stop the counting of ballots in Michigan, another battleground state.

The lawsuit claims that the President’s camp had not been given sufficient access to ballot counting stations in order to efficiently monitor the process.