May 21, 2021

WASA Restarts Operations At Caroni Treatment Plant

By Newsroom

The Water and Sewerage Authority has advised customers in areas of North, Central and South West Trinidad served by the Caroni Water Treatment Plant, who may have experienced a disruption in their water supply today – that  this was due to a shut down at the facility for emergency maintenance works.

WASA said in a statement that this follows a rupture that occurred on a chemical dosage line overnight, which affected the treatment process at the facility. The Authority is aware that some customers may have experienced an unusual taste, feel or smell in their water supply due to this occurrence.

Repair to the ruptured line has been completed and operation at the facility was restarted at approximately 1:00 p.m. Flushing of the transmission and distribution systems is ongoing and the supply should normalize within 24 hours.

However, customers can conduct their own internal flushing by allowing their water supply to run as required until the unusual taste or smell clears.