September 23, 2020

Who Returned The $22M Seized In Pyramid-Scheme Bust? ‘Suspicious’ Gary Orders Immediate Investigation

By Newsroom

Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith, has called for there to be an immediate investigation “at the highest level”, after learning that the millions of dollars seized at a home at Kathleen Warner Drive, Phase I, La Horquetta yesterday, was returned.

In a statement on Wednesday, Commissioner Griffith said preliminary investigations show that the money was handed back to the operator of the Scheme this morning without his knowledge and those of his Deputy Commissioners.

The Top Cop said he finds it suspicious that a decision was taken to return the money without investigations being complete, questioning how a decision could be made to give it back without the input of the Financial Intelligence Bureau (FIB) of the TTPS.

Following the outcome of the investigation, he said a determination would be made as to whether any criminal or disciplinary action is to be taken against any police officers.

Nine people were arrested in connection with the find on Tuesday, including a soldier.

The amount, which was initially said to be closer to $21million, was in excess of $22million, according to the Top Cop.

Investigators completed the count at 12:30 this afternoon.