June 14, 2021

Yahoo Reports On “Online Mockery” As US Donates 80 Vials Of Covid-19 Vaccines To T&T

By Newsroom

A report published by Yahoo.com noted that Trinidad and Tobago’s US Embassy became the target of online mockery, after announcing a gift of 80 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine vials on Sunday.

“We believe that every vaccine counts,” the Embassy said as in a brief statement issued about the donation.

Yahoo referenced memes and other tweets which poked fun at the number.

The Embassy’s original tweet has been quote-tweeted more than 1,800 times at time of writing, and garnered over 400 replies.

The 80 vials contain a total of 400 doses, which is enough to fully vaccinate 200 people.

It will be for use by national security only, according to a government statement which was issued on Sunday, hours before the Embassy issued its own statement.