October 21, 2021

Yasin Abu-Bakr Has Died

By Newsroom

Imam Yasin Abu Bakr, Leader of the Jamaat Al Muslimeen has died at 80 years old, having just celebrated his birthday on Monday. 

Bakr, whose name was cemented into this country’s history when he led an insurrection and attempted coup in 1990, reportedly collapsed at his home and was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

His son, Fuad Abu Bakr, posted on his father’s passing: “To Allah we belong and to him is our eventual return. ALLAHU AKBAR”

In 1990, a group of armed followers led by Bakr invaded the  Red House, taking then prime minister ANR Robinson hostage and declaring the overthrow of the Government.

Prime Minister Robinson was beaten and shot when he tried to order the army to “attack with full force”.

It was history making not only for Trinidad and Tobago- but the world, having been the only Islamist coup attempted in the Western hemisphere.

After his eventual surrender six days later, Bakr would go on to spend two years behind bars.

In recent times, Bakr had also stirred up a spirit of resistance, when in September he issued a stern “warning” to government for what he viewed as  “oppression” to people of Afro-Trinidadian descent.

“I warning the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, I (am) warning the police, I warning the Coast Guard, I warning everybody who is involved in the repression, the oppression of African people, I warning you today, this is your last day warning. Because it is coming on you,” he said.

Bakr Went on to say citizens were struggling through the pandemic because government had other priorities.

“Covid-19 is killing persons. It affects the weakest among us. But we have people in our communities who are not eating because they cannot afford to eat. So give them food to eat. Why are they not doing that?” he said.